Thank you Nature

The simple pleasures really are a god send when we feel a time to off load and simply be. Nature has helped me connect to the green lands and has changed my world with colour, sound and scent. Everyone connects with the natural world in their own personal time and way and it is this, that makes nature a unique friend to confide in, be with for a while and see our self among the wild. Whether on our own or with others nature provides a gentle sanctuary for our soul. Nature quietly brings the presence of the delicate, the delicate form of natural life, wildflower and the plant kingdom. It is a whole new world all of its own, the aromas and the sounds and sights of wildlife and shown me insight into caring for our spaces, animals, the insect world and of course the slugs and snails. Planting a herb here and there opens me up to the herb world where before I did not have an inkling of what each herb can provide and offer for our health and green space. Walking takes me on many paths, some known and others a pleasant surprise of beauty and the wow factor. The birds greet me and show me the way and I learn a new thing every time I don my hand at gardening, it is wonderful for our creative side. The elements and seasons and their changes begin to feel a personal insight of changes, like they are conveying special messages of the new in our own world, nature is always speaking to us.