Robin's sublime song

While walking in a beautiful, lush piece of nature, something I had not done for a few weeks, I immersed myself in it whole heartedly. With Autumn here, the trees are glorious colors of reds and oranges and the air feels crisp to mild as the summer sun lingers to warm the body. As I meandered in the quiet, a robin began to sing. I couldn't see the robin yet the robin's song filled me with warmth, feeling the purity and innocence of the natural world.

We can hear the robin and blackbird sing into the evening at this time of year, protecting their territories and the robin often the first bird to sing a dawn chorus. With their new rustic red plumage, they sing with vigor, as while in summer they will molt their feathers and sing less due to being vulnerable to prey. Robins song in the autumn evening is natures music of times a changing, seasons passing over to another. The robin has a bold yet gentle demure and when one pops up in the garden, they are wonderful to observe and often will take up residence through the winter if we spot them daily. Even when I hear a robin sing from an open window, it is a message of natures gentle and comforting presence.