Shining our Star

As someone who loves to paint, it can take precious time to make space to actually do the work. When I have not painted for a while I can feel myself desiring to simply be unabashedly in my world of far away places and imagination. Every painter works their own way, as does everyone in their life, doing what they are doing in the moment. Many painters and creatives are sensitive to their inner world, their environments, their unique intuition and energy and deep felt emotions, there is no trying to get away from them, they are an essential part of creativity and individuality.

The one thing I do before I paint is not overly plan, well for the most, I have no preconceived idea but allow what will be and am always amazed with what comes out of me. These far away places, my imagination and my inner worlds are not so far away but within, they have always been with me and allow my inner star to shine the only way I know.