Dandelion days

A mass of dandelions really is a sight to see and the brightness and warmth of their yellow flower head shining bright amid the green foliage. Such a versatile and hardy plant, it is one that is either seen as a hindrance or a savior in the gardening world.

Working with nature, flowers and plants can convey timely symbolic messages for us when we stop to be with them and learn of their unique qualities and natural growth. The dandelions name in French is 'dent-de-lion,' lion being a symbol of courage and pride and the flower lighting its unique light wherever it grows. The dandelion lifts the eyes and spirit and like the sunflower, brings a piece of sunshine to our senses, heart and spaces. A healing plant, it has many uses, one packed full of vitamins, has flavonoids, tannins, bitters and some essential oils, this little flower is no shrinking violet. It is a plant that will keep on growing, a survivor in the wild, growing all over the world and as a gentle breeze passes by, will spread its puff ball of seeds to rest wherever that may be to keep on growing and reproduce.

This well rooted wildflower brings the message of inner well-being and self care and embracing our uniqueness just like the dandelion. It is a flower that reminds to bring the sunlight in and how we too keep on growing. There is much symbolic meaning for the dandelion it really is a revered plant for its uplifting qualities and ways of surviving. This plant helps to rejuvenate our inner and outer being and health, brings the message to never stop believing of that which may be seen as impossible and make our wishes. The dandelion creates air pockets of wishes when we blow on them and release them into the atmosphere. They connect us to the simplicity, purity of the natural world with its cleansing, medicinal quality and has an almost ethereal essence when we blow on its seeds and lightly plant our own seeds. This wildflower is a giver in many ways and has an unassuming beauty, it truly is a gem, offering the message of unique beauty and cheer wherever it grows.