Your way

Nature's impartial and comforting presence can help me to release and be with my many colours of emotions that can arise. Nature shows me there is no trying to fix my emotions and lightly reminding me who I am and am enough. The butterfly is a wonderful symbol of change and transformation for taking positive strides in our life and be open to the new while releasing the old. The sweetness of seeing a butterfly fly by can also be a message to be kind to our self when we are going through any kind of change, nothing is trivial but what feels and is important to you.

The mesmerising and complex growth of nature teaches we are all growing individually and uniquely, we live and learn in our own way and time. When we see a raindrop fall onto a still lake we will see ripples of perfectly formed decreasing circles emerge before our eyes and see the delicate ways of nature and can remind of our own delicate emotions and sensitivities. The cherry blossom tree discussed in my last post is a sure fire sign of the delicate and sensitive nature of life. Like the butterfly, we feel when best to fly and when best to rest, we are reminded of nurturing all our parts unconditionally.