No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

The pretty cherry blossom is known as 'sakura' in Japanese and where they celebrate this tree every year and the arrival of Spring, a time of new beginnings. Sakura belongs to the rose family, Rosaceae and the English name is cherry blossom and will see this gorgeous tree adorn gardens, parks and walkways. Cherry blossom blooms mostly in March and April, abundant in pale pink to white flowers, full, vibrant, soft, sweet smelling and delicate looking. The cherry blossom will only fully bloom for around a week, early bloomers to late, the cherry blossom season lasting for around a month.

It is this very reason cherry blossom is admired for its short time in bloom and its symbol of the beauty in life while also the fragility of life. We see this trees fleeting nature when its petals begin to fall, like hints of snow in Spring and magical to see, bringing the message of cherishing all our life's ups and downs, rises and falls, time passing and making the most of what we have in the moment.

One of the first to grow in Spring, cherry blossom symbolizes renewal, blossoming, a new dawn, hope and love. It is easy to see why the cherry blossom captures hearts, it has a way of arriving quietly and softening our spaces.