The songs of your heart

Looking to the moon can feel a quietly inward moment of wonder, reflection and mystery. Just like the power of the sun bringing light, warmth and brightness to the moon, the moons presence can create romantic tones, settings, feelings and timeless places within.

The moon dwells in the dark to light it up, both working in timely unison together. We see and feel it in our own way, the beauty of moonlight that can lift and enchant the body and soul.

Moon changes and moonlight can bring our inner world alive, our dreams, our secrets, releasing our tears and bring our aspirations and loves to light, felt in those silent times when all is sleeping and in slumber. Everything becomes stiller, away from the busyness of the day and into the magical feel of twilight and between times. The moon brings glimmers of light and hope to illuminate our world, and our inner world, illuminating all that sings from inside.

'Meet me at midnight in the forest of my dreams. We'll make a fire and count the stars that shimmer above the trees.' Christy Ann Martine