New times

It is breeding season in the natural world and full of amour moments with many animals busy

looking for a mate, a time of rebirth and inviting the new to enter. Wildflower make their grand entrance quietly and eloquently carpet and fill the woodlands with their subtle colours and scents.

The birds are especially insightful to observe at this time of birthing and nesting period, and the delicate partnership of the male and female building a home together for their young. It can be wonderful to watch their survival techniques and affectionate moments they share with one another. Baby lambs and calves appear in the fields and when we observe them with their mothers, we see much warmth and unity. Everything begins to feel fresh, the air smells sweeter and the sun enters our skies to warm and nurture our body, the earth and plants. It can feel a time of clearing out the old like clearing out a drawer, cupboard, room or entire house and in doing so, symbolically allowing room for the new. Over the years, I have found regular cleaning and clearing in the home brings me peace of mind, less scattered mind and a calmer energy. A clean space does wonders for our senses and help lift the spirit than a cluttered and tired environment.

The natural world shows the way with ease, we are reminded we can begin nesting too. Spring invites fresh ideas to be planted and to know, we are only a thought away from our truest dreams to be birthed.

'We must always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder,' E.B. White