Natures Treasures

Coming back to nature in my early thirties, I see everything new and curiously inspiring. Now in my early forties, the natural world has opened me up to new ideas, fresh perspectives and a freedom of mind, soothing my body and energy. Nature is my personal therapy, of which, I have a new found appreciation of myself, my health and the environment I live in, and keep on aspiring to and learn each day.

Whether walking or in the garden there is always something to see and feel, little moments of wonder where nature shares its treasures freely. It has been widely experienced being with nature can

release stress and anxiety, calm, ground and balance the body and energy, ease our nervous system and lift our sense of spirit. Nature teaches me the importance of patience in all that I do. Like a flower in early bloom or the changing of seasons, nature allows the process to be, never forcing but allowing all to grow in its own time and revealing natures way. Over the years I have learned much through the simple observation of birds, insects and garden wildlife who enter my green space, many feeling symbolic and timely messages speaking to me. Feeding the birds has been an unexpected pleasure and opened the door to learning bird behaviour, ones which are insightful, often hilarious and heartfelt to witness, their worlds are a joy to observe. There is an air in nature that airs our being and feeds the soul.

Natures treasures are all around and can feel a personal journey, whatever way we are with the natural world, it can be moments of magical times felt.