Your Song

I know Spring has personally arrived when I hear not only the beautiful robin and

blackbirds unique song but the cheery trills and chirps of the dunnock. When I first heard the dunnock's song I stopped what I was doing to see what bird

could be making this sweet sound from the garden.

Doing my best impression of bird twitching, that is, looking out the kitchen window, I waited to see intently. No sooner had I pinned myself to the open window when I heard the song of the bird and seemed to be coming from a nearby tree. As I looked out the window, the spring sun came out and went into the garden. While I soaked in the sun I noticed a little brown bird appear from one of the trees and again sing the pretty song and fill the garden. With further investigation I learned the little bird was named a dunnock, and a common garden bird but one I had not noticed before.

The dunnock is a bird that may appear small and unassuming but sings with vigour and has a distinct melody all of its own. Birds bring light relief in nature with their unique and humble

song and can feel a symbolic message of singing our own song in our life and celebrate who we are.