A Rosa, A Rosa!

A wild and a garden roses scent can instantly uplift and like many scented flowers and herbs, the aroma and colours of the rich, heady and beautiful rose romances our senses. The rose symbolises timeless love and beauty within and seeing beauty among the hidden and unseen aspects of our self. A herbaceous shrub, there has been evidence of rose fossils from 350 million years ago and cultivation beginning around 5,000 years ago in many countries. The wild rose traditionally named rosa has stood the test of time, of millions of years and grown on this Earth dating back from Ancient Egypt and Greece to Europe, China, the Middle East and the Americas and known for its nurturing medicine and natural qualities. Wild roses usually have a single petal flower while many cultivated roses have a billowing ruffle of petal, some climbing or bushy perennial with thorny stems. Roses have been used for thousand of years to restore and aid in natural healing with their oil and sweet fragrance. It is advisable to find a quality rose remedy from a herbalist to ensure it is pure rose oil for our body and health. As one once said, 'Roses are good for the skin and the soul.' There are over 13,000 species grown worldwide and all coming from their predecessor the wild rose. Just to look at a rose can calm and soothe our self.

'Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.' Alphonse Karr

The decadent, soft and robust rose has much symbolic meaning and always come back to a loving resonance and feeling in its most purest form. The many unique and vibrant colours of the rose are immense. The white rose can symbolise purity, the red rose for sensuality, eternal love and passion and the pink rose, a symbol of unconditional love to self. Like the petals of a rose in early bloom, the rose can naturally open our heart where we bloom into our own beautiful colours. Placing organic roses in our home can bring harmony to our space and display natures eternal elegance and grace, reminding of our own.

I settle amongst the flowers and fauna

I celebrate me