Dance of Life

There were days I had not much time for nature, not like I had when I was a young child. I had forgotten to look around me and too busy trying to mull along. One summer day I was emotionally exhausted and sat on the concrete slabs in the garden. While I sat going over in my head, it was then a bee flew in front of me and popped into one of the pink geraniums and fixated my eyes. I had never really looked at and studied the bee and of its hard wired mission on pollinating the flowers, but I remember a feeling inside pulled me to watch. While I stared at the bee, I started to observe the bee buzzing away, its wings in fast speed motion and trying to get through all the flowers.

How cute, I sheepishly thought to myself. I closed my eyes and allowed my body to relax and melt into this unexpected moment of quiet and solitude. Allowing my senses to take centre stage, I heard the birds chirping among the tress and bushes and felt the fresh air breeze past my face. I opened my eyes and noticed the bee still hovering in and out the variety of flowers and began to feel somewhat mesmerised by its unique delicate features, intricate evolution and beautifully structured way bees live their life and what they do for nature and for humanity.

It is not until we look closer to natures wildlife, we can realise how big their worlds are, no matter how small they appear, their worlds are filled with wonder and mystery. To communicate with each other, bees move in a dance like fashion. Oh not the funky chicken or the robot, but they do, do this dance like movement to give other fellow bees directions to good food, you could say the grace of teamwork. When a bee finds a large abundance of flowers they will return to the hive and begin the dance move to tell the bees the direction of flowers, the location and distance.

This wonderful way of attracting abundance and way of surviving is testament to the bee and of natures way. Like sweet nectar, nature shares its secrets in sweetly synchronised ways and moments, ones that speak to you. The bees way shows of giving and receiving, there is a natural balance in nature and reminds of our own balance in life and allowing the sweetness, flow and dance of life to naturally unfold. The bee moved something inside of me and over time, to be with nature once more and see the natural world and my own world in a new and fresh light.