About Karen

Art from the Stars is a collection of acrylic portraits that can take a few weeks to several months to paint. I use much colour and gaze in my portraits to illuminate and invoke that speaks to the individual and for each painting to look individually striking on its own.

Creativity can bring us back to who we know intimately. Our truest self can be felt, a time of personal communion and pearls of wisdom that speak from your heart and soul. The collection of paintings speak all that is nourishing and passionate, yet it is up to the viewer how they interpret the images for their self.  

For price on a painting, its size email kmcmillanart@gmail.com. 


My blog is small writings on nature and other musings and really what inspires me to paint.

Painting offers me a space to connect to an unapologetic free flow of self expression. I was born in Edinburgh where the flora and fauna is rich and lush and where nature and the animal kingdom fuel my painting. They have in time and in their own affectionate way helped me to understand my world with their own unique qualities, healing and neutral presence. Nature can bring our inner truth alive, entwining with the trees, hills, rocks, streams, wildflower and stars when we spend special time with them, and be with Earths true beauty, complex and mesmerising diversity it beholds and feel its innocence and starlight light up our own.